Sobre mi

Hola soy qiqe

Mi trabajo esta relacionado con los ordenadores, software e internet, actualmente estudio y repaso mi  ingles y he creado el sitio para recordar diariamente mis avances y aprender tambien el manejo de wordpress.

Hello I am qiqe

My work is related to computers, software and Internet, currently studying and reviewing my English and I created the site to remember my daily progress and also learn management wordpress.


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15 02 2011

Casualy i find your post. I’m trying learn english in one month and a half. Years ago i i was able to speak english but i think i’ve forgotten at all but i’m determined to recover it though i’m very busy.
I’m study computer science too.
Please, give me ideas, such as online courses, chats to practique at least write…
Thanks for your post, i think i will follow your example and make mine own.

I hope your comment…

15 02 2011

Post data:

Excuse me for my poor level… ah, i want to say “i wait your comment”…

5 09 2014
Jennifritz Naldo

david i really want to learn spanish…i was born in the southern part of the philippines and our language is broken spanish we call it as “chavacano” .I really want to be fluentn in spanish…Can we help each other?ill help you to practice english through chat…is it okay wth you?

16 02 2011

Hi David
I’m glad to see that my work is good for something.

Keep practicing .. my best experience a student of English girlfriend I had for a few days and practice all the time.

Another thing I do is try to translate everything I think the English … at the end you end up thinking in English or espaglish …

By the way if you want help with this site, I can empower you to publish.


22 02 2011

dear battle budy

Today i started taking english lessons on a school focus my attention on listening and I hope soon to speak also.
I’m looking for english courses too

thanks for your words



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